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The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) of the UK’s Political Studies Assocation (PSA) was founded in 2004. Within a few years, it has become a leading international network of social scientists with an interest in Greece, as well as one of the PSA’s largest and most active groups.

We have a strong record of supporting research on Greek politics, through the organisation of conference panels and events, both independently and in collaboration with affiliate organisations and groups. We also actively support young researchers presenting their work to international audiences through financial support and advice. Almost 90% of the Group’s funds have gone directly to supporting scholars – especially junior academics and researchers from regional universities.

On this part of our website you can find more information about our aims and background, as well as further details on our membership and funding.


2004 – 2014: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Greek Politics Specialist Group




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A publication of the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community at Bournemouth University

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If you would like to receive a hardcopy of our 10th anniversary brochure, please email us at info@gpsg.org.uk


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