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Athens Conference, 2009



4 - 5 February 2009
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kranidiotis Hall, 1 Akadimias St.
Athens, Greece

organised by the Greek Politics Specialist Group
under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece

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This international conference brought together leading academics and practitioners in order to examine the construction and management of nations' images through such practices as media representation, public diplomacy, nation branding, soft power and strategic communications.

Organising Committee:

Dr. Athanassios N. Samaras, Conference Academic Convenor [ ]

Achilleas Ioakimides, GPSG Advisory Committee [ ]

Roman Gerodimos, GPSG Convenor [ ]

Dr. Andrew N. Liaropoulos, GPSG Secretary [ ]

Irini Polidorou, Project Manager [ ]

Contact Details

Tel (GR): +30 (0) 6949 079175
Tel (UK): +44 (0) 1202 965 105


Conference Information

Programme & PowerPoint presentations

Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Philip Taylor

Professor Philip Taylor (University of Leeds, UK) will give the opening keynote speech, entitled "A Strategic Communications (Road) Map". - Download powerpoint presentation Presentation

Keynote Speech 2: Prof. Keith Dinnie

Professor Keith Dinnie (Temple University, Japan) will give the second keynote speech (Day 2), entitled "Nation Branding and Country Image: Opportunities and limitations of a media-centric approach". - Download powerpoint presentation Presentation

Panel 3: The International Relations Approach: Images of Nations and "Soft Power"

Prof. Panayiotis Ifestos (University of Piraeus), "Soft Power in Contemporary International Politics"

Prof. Athanassios Platias (University of Piraeus), "Soft Power: a Critical Approach"

Prof. Haralambos Papasotiriou (Panteion University), "Hegemonic Authority and International Legitimacy"

Prof. Marios Evriviades (Panteion University), "USA: Soft Power or Propaganda"

Prof. Aristotle Tziampiris (University of Piraeus), "The European Union, Islam and Turkey: Finding the Limits of European Soft Power"

Moderator: Dr. Andrew N. Liaropoulos

Panel 5: The Institutional Approach: Policy Formulation in Greece

George Koumoutsakos, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thomas Miller, Counsellor for Public Affairs, US Embassy in Athens

Vasily Gavrilov, Press Attache, Russian Embassy in Athens

Moderator: Werner Van Gent, President of the Foreign Press Association in Greece