67th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference

 Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow

10-12 April 2017



The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) of the PSA invites paper and panel proposals on all aspects of Greek society and politics. The GPSG has a strong record of cross-fertilization with other PSA specialist groups and welcomes comparative papers that address issues of importance to the region and/or the EU. We therefore particularly encourage comparative, cross-disciplinary and collaborative proposals, as well as papers featuring original ideas and empirical data. All methodological and epistemological approaches based on sound social science reasoning are welcome.


Internal GPSG Deadline for Paper Proposals: 16 October 2016


Please address all enquiries to our 2017 panel convenor, Dr Georgios Karyotis at georgios.karyotis@glasgow.ac.uk


E-mail your paper proposal (paper title, 200-word abstract, institutional affiliation and full contact details) to: papers@gpsg.org.uk copying Georgios.karyotis@glasgow.ac.uk


Applicants will be notified whether they have been included in the GPSG’s panel proposals ahead of the final (non-negotiable) PSA deadline (24 October 2016).


For full details of the Conference please visit the conference website at




In addition to our general Call for Papers on any aspects of Greek politics and society, this year we are also inviting proposals, in collaboration with our partners, on the following themes:

Populism in Power: Researching populism in power is generally rare compared to researching populist movements, parties and leaders in opposition. This is partly due to the fact that few populist parties have managed to form governments in contemporary Europe. In Greece, however, since the January 2015 elections, not one but two parties that have been characterised as populist have been sharing power, SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) and ANEL (Independent Greeks). The Greek Politics Specialist Group and the Populism Specialist Group of the PSA invite abstracts discussing any aspect of this phenomenon, including comparative approaches.

Reshaping Southern Europe: The global recession, since 2008, has had a disproportionately high impact on Southern Europe, which is now confronted with new realities, challenges and opportunities. The region, as well as Europe as a whole, is tentatively entering a post-crisis phase, which, however, is still defined by crisis dynamics, unresolved tensions and ongoing transformations. The Greek Politics Specialist Group and the ECPR Standing Group on Southern European Politics invite paper proposals on the role and influence of actors, structures, attitudes and ideas on the reshaping of the region itself and in relation to the European Union.

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